SCANARCH... providing the latest in high-tech capture technology..

Product 1: From Laser Scan to Finished Plan

A SCANARCH scanning project begins by conducting a number of laser scans (Approximately, 45′ apart) throughout an area or a building…

Then all scans are registered together to form a data “point-cloud” containing millions of data-points, each geospatial having x, y, & z coordinates

The result is a quick and highly accurate documentation that can be used to produce accurately dimensioned floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, interior and exterior elevations, cross sections, details, etc. 

The data can also be used in a variety of ways for digital modeling and  measurable walkthroughs, and all data is easily shared digitally.  

Product 2: Laser Scan and Drone Mapping Combined

Merging drone scanning with laser scanning gives additional benefits:

Scans can be obtained from both the inside and outside of an area/building

Cutaway documentation is then possible, and exterior wall dimensions are visible.

Additionally, drone mapping provides data for the upper areas of a building, and complements the data from the terrestrial scanner.

Product 3: 3D Virtual Walkthrough

SCANARCH  employs a specialized scan process to capture an interactive 3D walk through of an area or building.  The walk-through is high-resolution, high quality imaging that gives a detailed 3D look at every part of a project,

for documenting the state of progress,

comparing with plans, or providing legal verification. 

The 3D walk through is accessed on the web, giving all company personnel (or customers) quick, up-to-date information. 

The process also offers the “dollhouse” section cutaway overview (shown here) for a unique look at an entire project.

Product 4: Drone Mapping & Image Capture

SCANARCH‘s UAV service is operated by FAA licensed remote pilots, expertly trained in drone flight control and construction documentation techniques. 

SCANARCH  service offers drone video documentation, programmed drone mapping for creating digital models of an area, high resolution still photos for visual examination, topological documentation, and many other services. 

SCANARCH‘s  drone panorama service gives detailed, interactive overviews of a work-site that are easily shared online with project partners.

Product 5: Video Image Capture

SCANARCH offers decades of experience with construction video for documentation, from onsite training to video progress reports. 

HD video provides quick documentation that can be combined with online 3D walk-through or scanning documentation to give thorough day-by-day progress reviews and onsite examination. 

Video capture can team up with drone work and 3D walkthroughs for comprehensive, recurring documentation throughout a project.