The Center for Architecture and Design

SCANARCH  completed a three-part scan of the Center for Architecture and Design, including the ground level (blue exterior), the brown-colored basement, and the building exterior. 

The finished floor plans and building cross sections are being used as as built resource materials as the organizations carries out fundraising and ultimately a complete remodel of the building.

Notice the cut-away effect possible by removing walls or ceilings to look into and measure spaces for re-design work.

Skyway 36 Building Osage Nation

The Skyway Building was a two-part project,

with scanning inside and outside the existing hangar building . 

Floor plans, Exterior & Interior elevations, building cross sections, and reflected ceiling plans will be used in pursuit of grants and funding for a proposed remodel of the building. 

The original structure was part of an airport/technical training center, and is now being converted into a regional drone research center. 

As a part of the project, SCANARCH  included proposed exterior redesigns. 

Screenshots above reveal details of interior structure,  & ceiling.