What is Plan Link?

Plan-Link is an add-on designed to work with popular construction management softwares such as BIM 360, Plan Grid, and Fieldwire.  Plan-Link adds to the functionality of those softwares by linking the parts of a plan (specific room or area) to data like wall color, partition type, floor covering, etc.  Plan-Link also provides quick links to the schedules and specifications that must be accessed frequently.  Without Plan-Link, most of these details are scattered through various documents, and it may take extensive searching for a field engineer to locate them and communicate them back to the onsite staff.

Mobility and Ease of Use

Plan-Link empowers the onsite team to get needed information quickly and easily.  Links to data open immediately on a tablet or Ipad, and the staff can get project details without delays…and without interrupting the field engineer in the project trailer.  Field staff have quick access to schedules, specifications, as well as all the essential details about areas under construction.  In addition, Plan-Link requires nothing more than a brief introduction…it’s functions are easy and obvious.

Plan Updates

Plan-Link includes an essential update service, so that plan changes are quickly processed.  When changes through addenda and approved change orders to plans occur, they will affect Plan-Link, so links must be updated to maintain smooth functionality.  Plan-Link staff are included in change notifications via the project distribution list, so they’re able to promptly make needed changes.

Progress Records

One of the most valuable features of Plan-Link is the option for regular progress recordings with panoramic (360 degree) photography.  Contractors comment that one of the greatest benefits is having high-quality visual records for communicating with stakeholders.  And weekly team meetings are greatly enhanced by thorough visual records.  Plan-Link records panoramic photos in work areas at regular intervals, then places those into the project plans as links.  The panoramic photos are date-stamped, and they become a visual, chronological record of progress.  The visual records are accessed from links (in rooms/areas) or with the Photos button.  Plan-Link can also add still photos and video as parts of the progress reporting, and all these can be opened in the photo section to give a complete visual record.  Also available as options are 3D Walkthroughs of the construction site (which are accessed online) and laser scanning for additional plans or modeling.

Plan-Link is a ScanArch service.