Reality Capture for Every Phase of Your Project...

Scans, Plans, or Whatever You Need?

SCANARCH provides the documentation that’s needed at every stage of the project. 

Your project may require our “Leica” 360/300 degree laser scanning, CAD dimensioned drawings created, drone flyover or panorama, 3D walkthrough scanning, facility video, or high resolution photography SCANARCH  has you covered. 

When the project requires real world dimensioning and CADD drawings, they are completed  by an architect with decades of experience & a founding principal, so you know it’s done accurately and professionally. .

How Easy Can This Be?

No more unnecessary daily trips to the work-site.  SCANARCH‘s documentation is easy to use and fully digital.

All finished documentation is available in digital form, whether as CAD files, as website walk-through, or as transferable video/photo files.

SCANARCH‘s digital files are easily shared throughout your company…and in most cases, measurements and updates can happen on every screen.  


Terrestrial Laser Measurable Scans

  • Pre-design engineering for facility upgrades or expansions
  • Virtual design and construction
  • Construction verification, sequencing, scheduling and simulations
  • As-built survey, augmented reality or existing conditions survey

Reality Capture & Dimensioned Drawing

  • Architectural documentation
  • Historical preservation and rehabilitation
  • Laser scanning for facility coordination
  • Collecting geospatial data
  • Modelling and twinning

3D Interactive, Virtual Walkthrough Scans

  • QA/QC inspection and monitoring
  • Validation of As-Built Conditions
  • Project Marketing
  • Facility “CutAway” 3D overview

Video Image Capture and Documentation

  • QA/QC Inspection and monitoring
  • Validation of as-built conditions
  • Project marketing
  • Capturing hard-to-visualize spaces
  • Easily incorporated into other types of documentation, such as 3D Walkthrough or Drone Flyover.
  • Facility training, new procedure training, employee training, safety training

Drone Flyover Image Capture and Modeling

  • Site planning and progress checking
  • Conducting Aerial site surveys
  • Tracking equipment and measuring volume
  • Site mapping
  • Topological reports
  • Vegetation reports
  • Panoramic photography for interactive views of large areas