The Real World documentation you need...

for architecture & construction.

New Construction

SCANARCH‘s visual construction documentation services greatly assist with the contractor’s work.  

SCANARCH‘s onsite services create a comprehensive, digital record of the construction process in every area and at every milestone. 

SCANARCH provides contractors unparalleled visibility into their projects by use of state-of-the-art technology.

Inspection-grade photos, aerial drone imagery, facility videos, 3D immersive technology, and measurable 3D terrestrial 360/300 degree scans.  

Because the documentation is digital, it’s easily accessible from anywhere.

SCANARCH‘s documentation is also valuable in assisting with dispute resolution, and it can help protect your company in the case of a legal claim or dispute.

Historic Preservation, Reconstruction

Facilities and Operations Managers understand that buildings are always evolving….  

Maintaining, renovating, or re-purposing existing areas, and repairing or replacing outdated equipment all add value to a development…and they all rely on accurate and comprehensive as-built documentation. 

SCANARCH‘s construction documentation services record as-built conditions of every part of a building at every construction milestone.  We can be on-site at every strategic stage, capturing high-quality 3D scans, photos, and facility videos. 

We can also continue to service a building through additions or renovations to keep the facility documentation current.

Commercial & Residential Development

SCANARCH uses the latest construction technologies to deliver comprehensive coverage of your project.

SCANARCH’s tools capture building progress using inspection-grade photography, 3D virtual walkthroughs, 3D measurable scans, aerial flyovers, or professional facility videos. 

Identifying a project’s as-built condition can ensure mistakes can be addressed before they turn into lost revenue or liability issues. 

Primary stakeholders can oversee projects in real time, even when far from the project site.

SCANARCH provides comprehensive as-built visual coverage and full-service construction project documentation solutions.