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Comprehensive Worksite Documentation!

SCANARCH provides the right capture technology at the right time to accurately record every phase of construction from groundbreaking to completion

SCANARCH provides precise digital documentation that gives architects, engineers,contractors and owners a comprehensive visual record of construction progress

SCANARCH‘s suite of reality capture services delivers inspection-grade visuals that allow the immediate validation of design, materials, and workmanship 

All As-built conditions are captured and can then be analyzed and compared or modified using SCANARCH‘s created ” point-cloud” data through which we then create detailed dimensioned floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, interior and exterior wall & facade elevations drawings and building cross sections as well as digital visual data from 3D walkthroughs, and digital video/photos  

Since all the documentation is  available digitally, it can easily be shared as needed, reducing the all too frequent and multiple site visits to acquire required existing information you may have forgotten to get on your last trip to the site.

Accurate, Fast, Affordable
documentation of real world conditions

SCANARCH’s capture processes utilize the latest, most appropriate high tech equipment and software  producing survey-grade precision.  

 SCANARCH‘s “new generation”  technologies allow amazingly quick and accurate capture and processing times.

Our state of the art “Leica”  laser scanner, for example, takes half the time (or less) than previous models and less time on a job means savings in our charged time.

Our scanning prices are about 50% of the cost of doing the old traditional manual measurements on a building or work-site.  

Affordable doesn’t mean that quality is sacrificed at SCANARCH

When scans or other captures require dimensioning, that process is completed and directed by our highly respected architect founding principal with extensive experience in all phases & sizes of Architectural project types.

Your project’s capture processing needs are in the hands of our experienced professionals.

You can rest assured that your projects are done carefully and professionally.

All SCANARCH documentation is Digital

SCANARCH  documentation is designed for easy sharing.

It’s accessible by anyone who needs it, anytime, on any screen.

If you need printed plans, elevations, etc., they’re also available. 

Check out the digital examples above.

The one on the left is a flythrough derived from a laser scan. The video format makes it easy to share as a quick visual examination of the site.  

For a more detailed look, you would likely use “Realview”, as shown in the example to the right.

The example above, right  is an interactive “Realview” walkthrough, another of the products from our “Leica” laser scan.

The “Realview” walk-through gives an HD photographic tour of the scanned area that is geospatial, measurable and can be annotated. 

Along with any annotations,  it can be shared by email just by sending a web link.

The “Realview” above is shown for illustration purposes as a screen-capture video that simulates  interactivity